About me

I am an Australian Zend certified Senior Developer working in Brisbane, Australia with a passion for web application development and mountain bikes.


I am a Senior Developer in Brisbane, Australia. Previously I have worked in London, Brighton, Melbourne and Auckland for development firms.

Currently I do most of my work in JavaScript (node, react, etc.). In previous projects I have employed PHP, C, Python, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL and many more.

I have written a book entitled Functional Programming in PHP, which helps the reader to understand functional programming within the context of a popular language that they know.

You can view my résumé and connect with me on LinkedIn.

The best bits

I have two wonderful children. I love motorcycles and pretty much anything else on wheels. Of course, I am also partial to the odd bit of code and blogging.

Contact me

To get in touch please email me [email protected] or add me on Twitter - Treffynnon.

Alternatively I’ve also got accounts in the usual places:


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