Ever since I first saw Phill Eather’s Lancia Stratos at the Targa Tasmania race event when I was a kid I have wanted a one. They have classic styling that has not dated at all, well not much for a car of its age. Most of its competitors are all but forgotten. Yes Bertone did a wonderful job on the coachwork for Lancia’s rally monster. Despite not having any money I have been looking into the Stratos replica options. There are two companies involved in the production of these wonderful cars: Hawk Kit Cars (UK) and Napiersport (UK).

Hawk seem to have sold the most kits of the two and they produce the most accurate replica of the Stratos, panels may even be used on an original Stratos! But some of the complexities and irritations of the orginal Stratos have been copied verbatim into the Hawk design. Napiersport have taken a different approach, keep the looks but improve upon comfort and ease of setup with a better suspension geometry. The Corse (Napiersport’s replica) has however been produced by many owners over the years and I would be a litte cautious to pay in full before I have received the car kit from them in its totallity.

Phill Eathers Genuine Stratos

Phill Eather’s Genuine Stratos

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A couple of Lancia Stratos books that I found very interesting Lancia Stratos (Rally Giants Series) and Lancia Stratos, 1972-85 (Brooklands Books Road Tests Series).