Most people use it as their instant messaging program of choice and it is the most fully featured and frequently updated one out there at the moment, at least of all the main stream programs out there. Microsoft claim to receive 100 million unique connections through their messaging service per day, which is quite phenomenal. So with this in mind I began to wonder why exactly this application was such a piece of shit. To begin with it randomly drops out at various irritating intervals causing my chat windows to close! Perhaps you could ask me first? Making applications for the user does however seem beyond the grasp of Microsoft at this point; they are more concerned with releasing as much bloatware as possible.

If it were not for the fact that all my contacts are on MSN Messenger then I would be on the ever reliable Yahoo service right away for text instant messaging. Recently I had to delete all my contacts from the MSN contact list and re-add them, which was a very tedious task. All due to the fact that they cancelled my Hotmail account because I don’t use, but hey I was logging in with Messenger everyday! After re-instating the account all my MSN contacts returned, but half of them no longer came online. I stupidly assumed that they were busy, but looking on a friend’s machine I could see they were online. What a crock of shit! So I had to re-add all the contacts just to have them show up correctly.

And don’t come bitching to me about how its only freeware after all so what right do I have to complain! Every bloody right I am user of the software and as such my views are as valid as the next guy. Just because the application is free does not make it OK for the developer to neglect its users or receive criticism badly.

So if you can change away from MSN before you become trapped like me. It is highly likely you already are, I know your pain.