Strange name for the latest incarnation of a linux distribution, but then Ubuntu is a very different beast. First of all the best thing about Ubuntu is that initially you only need to download one iso image from their site and you can get a desktop or server up and running a CD burner later. You can then download binaries for other programs you may need via an inbuilt and remove programs interface. For all of us out there who have been getting frustrated with the bad downloads of Mandrake and SuSE this is the solution. No longer will your download be littered with errors and crash part way through the linux installation process. That is quite possibly the most frustrating thing for new comers to the operating system; one bad iso in collection of seven and their new OS won’t get through its installation procedure.

This also means that for those on a slower connection like me you can actually download it in a reasonable amount of time. Gone are the days of waiting for weeks with only a 56kbps dialup connection.

So far it has been a vary stable and reliable installation, but I have not put it to real production use it yet.