I must preface this with a statement: I do not profess to be an expert on the English language. I am, in fact, quite sure you will find errors in this piece and the many others that I have and will post on this site.

However it somewhat irks me that supposedly well educated people cannot adhere to even some of the most basic principles of the language. A quite ridiculous mistake I hear quite often around people who claim to have completed tertiary studies of some kind is the overuse of the word me. For example; me and you, this is so grotesquely wrong that I could barely bring myself to type it. In fact I had to come back to edit the sentence upon proof reading because I had written it correctly! The second person comes first (you), not only out of politeness but adherence to the grammatical constructs of English. It is a simple enough requirement so just go along with it! You and I. Or if you are addressing a particular person; Jennifer and I.

Another horrendous misuse of the language is to incorrectly describe the letter H even though it clearly guides you how to do so in any English dictionary. For those of you still wondering: a ch You may note the lack of an H at the beginning, so stop saying hay-ch when you mean H. You are incorrect and look really quite foolish.

Yous is a highly incorrect method of referring to a group of people. Need I say anymore?

Now you may be thinking to yourself one of two things:

  1. What does an upstart Australian think he can teach me about English?
  2. The English language was not made in a day and has slowly mutated to become the language we now know, so why should I care if these transgressions find their way into the language?

Question two is a valid point and I have thought about it before now. So in true hypocritical spirit I will answer it with another question! Why add something that is of no value? Why should the incorrect and highly rude manner of referring to oneself and those around them (illustrated above) be added to the language? It detracts from the language and for those lazy people (generally those who use such slack talk) out there it even adds an extra letter to the statement! So why do it?