How does this tripe get 75% at

It was obvious from the very beginning that this was going to be a very ordinary movie. The references to the actions of Guy Fawkes were over stylised.

Through out the movie I felt like I was being treated like an idiot. Natalie Portman’s character (Evie) is rescued, by a masked man, from the local police (line men) and she follows him onto a roof top! She was just about to be raped, some weirdo rescues her and she follows him! Nonsense.

The rest of the movie pretty much follows rather slowly in the same vein of shit. It was so boring I was constantly willing the end to come early.

I will not delve into the protagonist’s terrorist status because it is pretty much irrelevant. It adds nothing to the story. There have also been highly obvious injections of contemporary issues, which add nothing. It is just glaringly obvious.

Leaving the cinema I overheard a conversation, and this is the best part of the movie, someone was questioning the actions of governments. If it can spark healthy debate then at least there is one iota of value in the ticket price. But for those of us not living under rocks or walking around with our ears and eyes blocked and covered there is nothing new here, just inevitability.

There are more interesting films on similar topics, but I think one that sticks with me is Fahrenheit 451 A Much better movie.