If you haven’t been riding through winter like me then take care getting back out there and wear good gear. Check all the essentials:

  • Oil
  • Water (if applicable)
  • Tyre pressures and wear
  • Chain tension and wear
  • Check all electrics (kill switch and all lights being the main ones)
  • Also have a glance at your sprockets

If the bike has been sitting for more than a month then you will probably want to drain the fuel tank as well as the petrol may have gone off. When you leave it too long it can form a jelly like substance in the fuel lines or worse in the carburettors. If this has happened or you forgot to drain your float bowls you will need to strip down the carbies and clean them out with compressed air.

Electrics corrode so if it won’t start check that the connections are OK on the:

  • Battery (you have already checked for charge right?!)
  • Kill switch
  • Clutch switch (if applicable)
  • Neutral switch (if applicable)
  • Kickstand switch (if applicable)