A project I am working on at the moment requires time delayed job queues and having found nothing yet that can manage it properly so I decided to wrap up `at` into a PHP class. This gives you simple methods to add, list and remove jobs from the `at` queue using object oriented code.

The code is very simple and I have documented it reasonably well so along with the examples you should get on your way quickly. The class can, of course, be used from the command line as well so if you want to write batch scripts in PHP to handle adding a collection of predefined `at` jobs for example - it can make it easier.

I feel the important features of `at` have been added into the code, but if you want to wrap any of the other functions then please do fork my code and make a patch or post a pull request. For more information on what `at` can do please either run `man at` in your console or visit the Edinburgh University’s man at page.

You can get the code from my repository on GitHub: PHP-at-Job-Queue-Wrapper.

If you do have any trouble getting the `at` daemon (atd) going then my previous post may help you debug it - please see If you are having problems getting Ubuntu atd running for more on that.