I love vim and its very handy shortcuts, but I also like to be in a GUI IDE for most of my development. Thankfully there is an answer; add vims keybindings to the NetBeans environment with jVi.

Once you have Netbeans 7+ installed you can install jVi by going to Tools > Plugins > Available Plugins and searching for jVi. Select jVi for NB-7.0 Update Center and click Install.

Now click the Reload Catalog button and wait for the updates to stream in. Select jVi for NetBeans and click Install.

You will then be asked to restart NetBeans and jVi will be installed. It can easily be enabled or disabled from the Tools menu by clicking jVi.

When enabled you can use vim commands as you would in vim. For example typing :w<enter> will save the document as in vim.