I have been invited to speak at both the upcoming meetings of BrightonPHP and PHP Hampshire about functional programming. This is off the back of the site I created for my (soon to be released) book tentatively entitled Functional Programming in PHP.

To get a better idea of what the talk will include I have prepared an abstract:

In the PHP world functions are generally sneered at due to their simplicity and perceived as an evil side effect of spaghetti code. This is not necessarily the case however as when functions are combined in a logical manner they can be very powerful.

In fact they can be deployed to great effect in all manner of applications to create advanced and potentially less error prone software.

This talk will take the form of a gentle introduction to functional programming concepts in a PHP context. It will cater to a variety of levels of knowledge. Right from those who have never heard of functional programming to coders who have been practicing aspects for years in other languages (JavaScript!) - perhaps without even knowing.

During my talk you’ll hear some history, functional theory (introduced gently I promise) and of course some practical examples. You definitely do not need to be a mathematician or expert/functional coder to enjoy this session.

Both are not-for-profit PHP user groups setup on the south coast of England that organise free to attend monthly meetups.

Brighton - January

The BrightonPHP talk is first up on Monday the 20th of January 2014 at 19:00 and will be held at The Skiff in the North Laine area of Brighton (easily accessible by train). To register your attendance for the evening please visit the associated Lanyrd page and there is also a joind.in page for the talk.

You should follow @BrightonPHP to keep up to date with this meetup in the future.

Portsmouth - February

On Wednesday the 12th of February I will be speaking at the PHP Hampshire user group; again starting at 7pm. The group meets at the Oasis Conference Centre on Arundel Street every month. You can claim your free spot by going to the EventBrite page for the meetup and there is also another joind.in page for the PHP Hampshire talk.

You should follow @PHPHants to keep up to date with this meetup in the future.

I look forward to presenting at both events and hopefully I will see you there!


If you are interested in finding out more about my book on functional programming in PHP or to subscribe for notification of its release please visit functionalphp.com or follow @FunctionalPHP on Twitter.