After working hard on the guide to Functional Programming in PHP I am pleased to announce that it has been published by php[architect]! The book is offcially now available and you can purchase your very own copy!

If you’re a programmer who wants less bugs and easier testing then this is the functional introduction for you. Throughout the chapters I gently lead you through the various functional constructs available in and with PHP.

You will witness the power of map/reduce and the ease of composition monads can bring to your code.

Even if functional isn’t your bag then (as any functional aware programmer will tell you) there is much you can apply from functional to OOP code. It gives you a new and beneficial perspective on coding be it procedural or object oriented.

Of course functional style code and object oriented code can also co-exist in PHP just as they can in Scala. You can use a functional approach where it makes sense to you and an object oriented one where it is an advantage in PHP.

Functional and event driven programming are here to stay - buy the book now and get ahead of the curve.

Increasingly computing power is being delivered through the use of multiple cores in CPUs, which require code that can run in parallel to fully exploit their power. Functional programming provides a way to reduce the difficulties that surround concurrent code. As computing requirements increase multi-process programming will be unavoidable - even in PHP.

This book provides a way for developers to gain an understanding of functional programming in their own language. Functional programming is a Turing complete methodology, which means that anything you can achieve procedural or object oriented code you can also complete in a functional style.

By the end you will have seen and implemented a number of core functional concepts and patterns leaving you empowered to include them in your own projects.

For more information please see the Functional PHP book website or buy the book through php[architect] or Amazon.