Way back in 2007 I arrived in London, England ready to start a new chapter of my life working in the big city. I’d left a good job at a web agency in Melbourne - one of the world’s most livable cities - to experience the financial capital of Europe.

It was a fantastic time and so much happened I could write a novel, but here are a few highlights.

During my time in England I met my now wife and decided to move to the south coast. Soon after she completed her degree we wed at the extravagant Royal Pavilion in Brighton.

On the way to a brief sojourn in Auckland, New Zealand we travelled through Europe by train and car before honeymooning in Phuket, Thailand.

Soon after flying back to England and setting up in Worthing (near Brighton) we welcomed the first of two children into the world. During this time we travelled to Zimbabwe where I met my wife’s parents for the first time.

We had our second child and bought our first house on a street in Worthing and did a little DIY.

Throughout this time I took up roles with a number of companies that finally culminated in becoming Technical Director at Mosaic Digital in Brighton.

Oh and yeah I wrote a book on Functional Programming in PHP.

After nearly nine years in the United Kingdom it was time to say goodbye and try something new. So for various reasons we decided to move to Brisbane in Australia.

We came via a motorcycle track day at Donington, a long weekend in Bruges, Belgium and a second wedding/vowal renewal at Nesbitt Castle in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Before leaving I’d organised a job with a company called Temando as a Lead Developer based here in Brisbane. I now work at a company called Aurion in Toowong as a Senior Developer primarily working with Node.js.